Membership Rules

Becoming a Member: Please give your correct and complete contact details and contact number. You can select from the available plan options and the duration of membership period. Check the additional “benefits for the annual members” before finalizing.

Registration/Enrollment fees: It is a onetime fees and is non refundable. It is valid as long as a member is active and paying the membership fees. If a member is inactive for > 1 month, he needs to register again.

Deposit: The deposit is for the security against the borrowed resources and has been fixed according to the plans and the number of items available at any given time. This deposit is completely refundable at the time of completion of your membership period or on cancellation of membership. Non-Annual members would be requested to give a top-up deposit (calculated based on the value of the resource) in case they wish to borrow the books or toys in the premium section. This will be refunded after returning the premium book/toy.

Membership Fees: This has to be paid upfront according to the various plans and is calculated from the date of enrollment. This is not refundable.

Cancellation: The minimum lock-in period of membership is 1, 2 or 3 months for quarterly, half yearly and yearly memberships respectively after which the member can cancel his or her membership.

Refund: The advance rentals paid for a particular month is not refundable however deposits are refundable. Deposit receipt is to be submitted for refund. If a membership is cancelled before completion, then the member has to pay the membership fees according to the monthly charges. For e.g. If a annual member in “Family Max” category cancels his membership at the end of 5 months, then his fees would be calculated as 500X5=3000 Rs and the rest of the money would be refunded. Also, the rent for the premium toys/books would be deducted as these were extra privileges solely for the annual members.

Change of membership Plan: A member can change his or her membership to any of the available plans. A nominal fees of Rs.50/- would be charged per change in membership plan and the refund rules will be applicable as outlined above.

Transfer of Membership: A member may transfer his membership to anyone by submitting a request and new contact details. A nominal fees of Rs.100/- would be charged. Transfer of membership is allowed only once.

Membership card lost: Please report the loss of your membership card at the earliest so that we can block and card. You can request for a new card by submitting a request. A nominal fees of Rs.100/- would be charged.

Plans and Pricing

The Details

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Benefitsfor Annual Members


20% off on the membership fees compared to the monthly membership fees.

3 Pause’s for 15 days each:

While you or your kids are on a holiday, why pay the library membership?

At Compass we understand that everyone needs rest and relaxation and while you are at it, let your membership also rest.

The annual members can pause their membership for 15 days at a stretch. They can do this 3 times during their one year of membership.

Borrow Premium Content at no extra cost:

Annual members can borrow Books and Toys in the premium category without paying extra deposit or rent.

Circulation Rules

Helps to know them.

Membership Cards: Please Carry your Membership card when visiting the library. All transactions would require your card ID and Barcode printed on it. Please send a small acknowledgment with signature in case you are sending the card through someone else for transaction.

Holding and Return Time: We understand that reading and playing habits are not constant, hence we give our customers the freedom to keep the resources for as long as they wish. However, for smooth functioning of the library and customer satisfaction, it is requested to return the books “in demand” and the “new arrivals” on specified time.

Resources New Arrivals Old
Books 7 days No Time Limit
Magazines 24 hours No Time Limit
Toys/Games 7 days No Time Limit
Premium Content 7 days

Number of Transactions: There is no limit for the number of transactions for any resources in all membership categories. Members can borrow the specified number of resources according to their membership plans and exchange them the next day itself if they wish to, for another resource.

Maximum Items: According to the membership plans, the maximum items that a member can borrow at any given point in time are restricted. For e.g. in Books Max category, a member can borrow 2 books or 2 magazines or 1 book and 1 magazine at any time and can exchange the same the next day but the maximum holding of items will be 2 only. However, for the Family Max plan, a member can borrow 8 resources (2 in each category).

Fine/Late Charges: Nobody likes late fees or penalty. No fine or late charges are applicable for any resources at Compass. However, it is requested that the new arrivals be returned in the specified time. A soft reminder would be given and if the member is not able to return on time, a loss of privilege may be the minimal penalty. For e.g. the member may not be allowed to borrow new arrivals for next 2 months. The loss of privileges will be under the sole discretion of the library management.

Damages: Please check the products before taking them, especially the toys including the number, damages etc. Any damages incurred during the possession of the products have to be borne by the members only. The degree of damage and the charges will be under the sole discretion of the library management.

Suggestions/Requests for particular products: We want your help to grow the collection in the library. Please feel free to give suggestions either at the library or through your online webOPAC account. We will try to procure at the earliest.

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