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Its a dream, an experiment to get the world of books to smaller district place(s) of India.

Compass’s mission is to make lives better (read fuller, happier, blissful, peaceful). Its to bring out the good things in ourselves and the world and to make this world a better place. To do that, the best place to start is our own lives, to change the “Man in the Mirror”.

Change works in 3 phases – Awareness, Impact and Transformation.

For a transformational change,we need newer perspectives, newer paradigms, newer interpretation tools to look at the same info and thus derive at healthier and happier choices. One of the tools to bring-in new perspectives is literature. Books help us to get more info, more perspectives and corrects the common Errors of thinking.

Compass is a dream, an experiment to get the world of books to smaller district places of India. Reading is an important habit, earlier-the better, the more-the better, the wast- the better, the deeper-the best.

jack sparrow compass

Jack Sparrow with his Compass in The Pirates of the Caribbean. His special magical compass pointed to what the owner wanted most.

We hope our Compass will guide you to whatever you are looking for. 

Currently, Compass has a book and toy library, a gift store.

There are other areas of interest (which we keep trying under the banner of compass) like a complete education (beyond numeracy and literacy), Emotional Intelligence, Life skills, promotion of Arts & education through arts. These in-turn would become other tools to widen our perspectives.

It helps us to live a fuller life and We just hope it does the same to you.


At Compass there are over 3500 books in all categories including fiction, travel, cooking, parenting, philosophy, non-fiction, comics, biographies, references etc. There are >150 Kannada books.

A lot of emphasis is given on early reading habits in children and hence there is a collection of over 1500 children’s books and a reading program guide comprising of 650 books designed for children.


For Fun , for leisure, for bonding , learning and growing —Toys and Games. At Compass there are over 350 toys in various categories and for all ages. Why grow up? YES, you can borrow, play and return and borrow more.  There is a wide range of Toys from Puzzles, board games, blocks, traditional games, coordination blocks etc.

Plans and Pricing

Affordable, Flexible, Scalable


1 Resource at a time

Deposit : Rs.700/-

Enrolment Fees : Rs.150/-

Subscription Fees : Rs. 450/- for 3 months


2 Resources at a time

Deposit : Rs.1500/-

Enrolment Fees : Rs.150/-

Subscription Fees : Rs. 750/- for 3 months


3 Resources at a time

Deposit : Rs.2000/-

Enrolment Fees : Rs.150/-

Subscription Fees : Rs. 1050/- for 3 months

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